Passion and love are important.  Which is why it has always been a dream to incorporate our own blends of specialty coffee to our stores.  For years we have been enjoying a cup of coffee as part of our morning routine.  And the genuine feeling of excitement when that aroma fills the air is real. 


We are proud to serve the wonderful community of specialty coffee drinkers with our small contribution of organic milks and beans.  No GMO's, no pesticides, and no antibiotics.  Our Imperator Espresso is a blend of washed Guatemalan and Mexican Chiapas; imparting a balanced flavor of chocolate and citrus. From there you can enjoy our rotating seletion of drip single origins, or our  Keto Blends with Grass Fed Organic Butter and Coconut Oil for extended energy.  All of our ingredients are certified organic helping you to LIVE. DIFFERENTLY. 







Why Organic Matters 

Organic Means:


No Synthetic Pesticides

No Antibiotics used in animal byproducts

The USDA Organic seal, overseen by the National Organic Program at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, provides consumers with access to an alternative food system—one that is backed by strong and meaningful federal standards verified through annual on-farm inspections by independent certifiers. Not only are organic farmers prohibited by law from using synthetic materials such as pesticides and animal drugs, but also they are required to build the health of the soil, to protect water quality, and be part of a more sustainable food system.