WHAT IS PASTEURIZATION AND WHY ISN'T SIMPLY PRESSED PASTEURIZED? Pasteurization is a heating technique used to kill bacteria. The majority of juices you see in the supermarket are pasteurized because it prolongs the shelf life. The problem with pasteurization, however, is that it also kills vital enzymes and nutrients leaving the juice lifeless.  Simply Pressed is about unleashing life not killing it which is why we will never heat our product and we press it daily to get it to the consumer as fresh as possible.



High Pressure Pascalization (HPP) is a nonthermal, cold processing technique in which the food in its final flexible packaging is subjected to high levels of hydrostatic pressure, inactivating its microorganisms and extending the shelf life to almost 10 times its natural state. Juice that has undergone the HPP method is not and should not be considered raw or freshly made.  Deep, rich green recipes, especially, do not do well with this processing, as it can break down nutrients and effect flavor greatly.  In Indiana (because of our state’s specific laws), any cold pressed juice brand that you find in the grocery store (or being sold outside the scope of its operation) is either pasteurized or more commonly HPP’d.  Simply Pressed juice is 100% raw, and does not undergo this process.


WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COLD PRESSED JUICE AND THE JUICE I MAKE AT HOME? Simply Pressed juice is always cold-pressed.  Our hydraulic cold-press method gently extracts the juice providing a minimum mixture of air within the juices which results in very slow oxidation or decomposition. The tremendous pressure exerted by our juice press will completely extract all the essential nutrients including; natural fruit sugars, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, and other vital elements.  Cold-pressing juice is a method of juicing that enables juice to be bottled (without preservatives) and still maintain a 72-hour shelf life.  Household juicers, are usually ‘rotary’ or ‘centrifugal,’ which is a significantly faster processing method, but overall less effective.  A centrifugal juicer's blade spins at a high speeds, generating heat.  This heat then oxidizes and separates nutrients naturally found in the whole fruits and vegetables, rendering those nutrients that make it into the juice less pure.  Juice made at home (unless on a Norwalk) must be consumed immediately.



As described above, the cold pressing method is a very slow and meticulous process (not to mention messy!).  We press on a commercial size press in a room in the back of our store dedicated to only juicing!  To press an individual custom 16oz order would be nearly impossible, and entirely inefficient in terms of both energy and cost.  We also do not just throw every ingredient of a recipe into the juicer, press it, and expect it to turn out the same every time.  We juice each type of produce separately to reduce cross contamination and then, once juiced, combine our recipes by hand in small batches.  We, the founders, spent an entire year developing our menu/recipes and have perfected them down the the ounce!  We take a lot of time and consideration when ever we create seasonal specials, as well.  Our customers will be the first ones to tell you that this process makes all the difference!


A juice cleanse is the effective removal of waste in the body that has been accumulated over the years due to improper diet, pharmaceuticals, and internal pollutants in the human body. Our goal in juice cleansing and a clean diet is to alkalize the system. Our green vegetable juices are completely alkaline, balancing acidity in the body.

In most cases yes, but check with your doctor before beginning any sort of cleanse or new diet as some foods can interact with medication.


WHY DOES YOUR JUICE ONLY HAVE  3-DAY SHELF LIFE? CAN I DRINK MY JUICE PAST 72 HOURS? Simply Pressed juice contains no preservatives and is unpasteurized, and therefore is highly perishable. We employ a cold-pressed juicing process that maximizes the shelf life for up to 3 days (72 hours), but cannot advise consumption of our juice beyond this point. Each juice is labeled with a 'drink by' date for your convenience.


WHY IS MY JUICE SEPARATED? IS IT SPOILED? The appearance of Simply Pressed juice is all natural; We do not filter, preserve or add any fillers. Separation is natural and, as long as juice is less than 72 hours old and refrigerated properly, a two-tone juice does not indicate spoilage. Always refrigerate your juice, shake before consuming, and enjoy on or before the 'consume by' date.


IS YOUR JUICE 100% ORGANIC?  Yes it is.  We pride ourselves on offering the highest nutritional value in the market and therefore our juice will always be organic.

IF I HAVE DIABETES SHOULD I JUICE? The answer is probably "No" due to the large amounts of naturally occurring sugars in our fruits.   Consult with a doctor before trying our juice to find out if its right for you.

CAN MY KIDS DRINK THE JUICE? Absolutely! We tailor our drinks to be as tasty as possible and your children could benefit greatly from our drinks.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT MY JUICE IS LIVING?  Raw or living food means that it has never been cooked or frozen.  This allows the produce to maintain its nutritional identity by preserving its very important enzyme, trace mineral, and vitamin composition. We need this because the body undergoes important metabolic activities as a result of consuming these nutrients.

WHO SHOULD CLEANSE? Anybody who is seeking to improve their health in a fun, delicious, and convenient manner.  Food is fuel, and we try to provide the highest grade possible for people from all walks of life.

Note: Certain people shouldn’t cleanse. Pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers can add cold-pressed juices to a balanced, whole-food diet to enjoy extra nutrition and energy, but should never restrict solid food intake. If you are diabetic, we recommend that you cleanse under the supervision of an experienced healthcare practitioner. If you are being treated for, or have just recovered from a serious illness, or if you are taking prescription medication for heart disease, check with your doctor before beginning a juice cleanse. Cleansing can alter the concentration of medication in the blood. Children under the age of 18 should not cleanse.